A lot of fire and security companies say they are ‘the experts’ or ‘leaders’ in protecting a warehouse or industrial unit. And we can say the same, but the difference is, we prove our expertise with our client base and our THREE YEAR GUARANTEE. Spire look after large national companies with 237,000 square foot warehouse, across to the smaller 1,500 square foot industrial units.

Warehouse fire and security is complex. Not only are there external security considerations to make, but we also need to secure against and help protect the many people that interact inside our business on a daily basis.

Let us help you consider some of the best practices that you can use for your commercial property and the health, safety and security of your people.

Intruder Alarms

Spire install and maintain intruder alarms for warehouses and industrial units. We are regulated by SSAIB meaning we can provide police response and get you approval from your insurance company.

We connect our intruder alarm systems to Redcare or Dualcom to alert the relevant people to an alarm activation. With this system we can work with your existing suppliers to alert you of fridge failures, power outages or any other type of emergency system outage that may require your teams to respond to quickly at any hour of the day or year.

Our alarm systems can now combine multiple systems to give you maximum control. If there is an intruder, a fire or an environmental emergency, our effective alarm will enable you to respond quickly and appropriately.

Fire Alarms

The danger and devastation of a fire in a warehouse or industrial unit needs no introduction from us. We at Spire design, install and maintain fire alarms of all shapes and sizes.

Our fire alarm will meet your requirements, your fire risk assessment requirements and the requirements set out in the British Standard BS5839 part 1.

With our approach you will be able to get on with own job knowing your fire safety is in good, competent hands.


Access Control

Spire’s electronic fob and card door access control systems provide secure access in to and out of your warehouse giving you complete control over, who comes in, when they come in and where the can go in the building. We can integrate with a number of other security installations including CCTV for cross reference images of users and intercoms to allow visitors to raise a call to reception or a particular department. Our system is scalable from a one door 10 user system to 1,000’s of doors spread over multiple buildings with 1,000’s of users.

Warehouse CCTV

CCTV is both an external and internal security device that is an effective deterrent. Providing a good coverage for perimeter protection to deter an intruder. Spire have also implemented CCTV internally to protect staff from health and safety accidents. Our customers have successfully used CCTV to playback accidents in the workplace to see a true account of the accident.

Remote Notification & Keyholding

Using Redcare or Grade 4 Dualcom our fire and security systems can now be linked remotely to your personal technology so you can keep track of, and be notified instantly of any security breach at your property.

In addition, by working with our key-holding partner, we can have a security guard called to site in the event of an alarm activation to assess the situation, so your staff are not put at risk.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPMs)

Do you have current fire and security systems installed in your warehouse? Our services do not require new installations to take place. We can takeover, improve and maintain existing systems. We would agree a yearly contract, but your notice period to leave our contract (which we would expect you never to need, but just incase) is 3o days.

Our service would start by us attending your premises to meet you, talk and walk through the systems you have in place and provide you a free no obligation quotation. You would instruct us to begin the contract, we would contact you one month before each maintenance is due with a suitable time and date (we would never send engineers to carry out a maintenance, without checking the date and time beforehand).