Door Access Control

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Access control simply allows you to control who has access to the doors within your business.  These can be external or internal doors, and our range of access control options can include a wide range of different styles which can suit differing needs.  Traditional locks and keys can easily be lost or damaged, and the cost of replacing lost keys can be considerable.  There is also a security risk with locks and keys, in that keys can easily be copied. Door access control offer a secure and convenient way to control who has access to your building and when that access is allowed.  Businesses often leave doors unlocked all day long to allow employees access to the areas they need, but this can easily open up your business to opportunistic theft and damage.  Installing an access control system means that you never need to change a lock again, and access can be granted or withheld whenever you need.

How do door access controls work?

Once we install your access control system, doors which are controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed.  Anyone without the access code, pin, swipe card or token is unable to open the door.  It is possible to allow all doors to unlock at a set time if required.  Access control also offers very flexible control over different users’ access rights.  You can have your system set up so all staff can access the building through the main door, but internal areas may be restricted to certain staff who have a specific need to be there.  Access can also be restricted by time, only allowing access during particular times of day or night for example.

Types of Door Access Control

Here at Spire Security, we are partnered with Paxton, who offer an extensive range of options for door access controls.  These can be one of three key types of control system:

Networked control – this offers central control of your building from a computer.  This is a good option for managing multiple doors and users.  It can also be easily integrated with CCTV and other security systems.

Offline Access – these systems can be used to control access on one or many separate doors, with access gained through use of a PIN.  There is no need for a control computer or a network.  These are popular with smaller businesses, storage units and sites with limited users.

Web based control – A system administrator can access the software remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.  This is a similar set up to the networked system and can also be combined with CCTV.