Door Access Control Prices

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Access Control Prices

As there are so many different types of access control, ranging from simple number or keypads, through to much more complex and technological biometric scanners, it stands to reason that the average cost of access control systems can vary substantially. Depending on the number of access control panels you require, to how complex these controls need to be, you could be spending a different amount compared to a different set up on a different building.

Different types of Access Control

Our high quality door access control systems make it easier for you to know who is entering your business premises and at what time. This can be useful for business owners as a security feature as well as managing which staff are in at one time.  Access controls can be fitted which allows staff independent access to the whole building, or just to specific areas, which is ideal for those with security issues in mind.  The price for access control systems can vary depending on the type of control systems required.  We offer a wide range of different types.  Speak to one of our team to discuss the ideal type of door access system to suit your needs.

Installation of Access Control

When we supply and install your new access control system, we factor in the cost of installation as part of the overall cost.  The price you pay includes the cost of installation by one of our specialist team members.  There are a range of different brands associated with access control, but we have partnered with Paxton – a leading expert in access control systems here in the UK.