CCTV St Albans

Spire Security are the premier company for CCTV services in St. Albans. We understand how important safety and security is for all businesses and are pleased to offer a range of services to help keep your St. Albans business safe. From design and installation of CCTV systems through to ongoing maintenance and repairs, Spire Security are well known in Hertfordshire for our expertise and knowledge.

CCTV systems are important tools for businesses. It is important that the system you choose is appropriate for your business needs and the building you work in. Our security systems are designed specifically for your business, to ensure they are as safe and secure as they can be.

CCTV Design Service in St. Albans

Our custom CCTV systems are designed to work perfectly for your individual business. We carefully plan out the ideal system for your needs, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and legislation to keep your business protected. Our CCTV installation service works around you and your busniess to ensure minimal disruption.

Whether you are seeking a completely new, custom system which is made for you from scratch, or you simply want to improve an existing CCTV set up, our team would be more than happy to advise you on the most appropriate options for your St. Albans business.

St. Albans CCTV Maintenance

Part of managing a CCTV system is keeping up with ongoing maintenance and servicing your system. For many businesses, having your CCTV system serviced will be important from a legal standpoint, as well as from a safety perspective. Here at Spire, we can plan out a complete maintenance programme for your system, from weekly, monthly, or annual checks through to one off repairs and occasional trouble shooting.

The best part of having a regular maintenance plan is that you will be able to just get on with your job knowing that your CCTV system is functional and working for your business. Our team can advise you on the appropriate schedule for your maintenance depending on the type of system you have installed.

Yes, our team can create a completely new system for you if that is what you require.  We can also work with existing systems to improve or add on additional parts if that would better suit your requirements.
The costs associated with CCTV systems in St. Albans are heavily dependant on the types of system you have installed.  We can certainly give you a quote for the style of system you require, but we are unable to say exactly how much a new system would be without discussing your needs and requirements.
Yes! We are able to offer ongoing maintenance and servicing for your current CCTV system, even if we did not install it.