In the UK it’s technically legal for anyone to install an alarm system. However, if you choose an alarm system or installer that isn’t SSAIB approved, you may be setting yourself up for a bit of a fall, and in this article, we’ll explore why.

SSAIB stands for Security Systems & Alarm Inspections Board, and it’s currently the leading body for organisations providing security systems and services in the UK. An SSAIB approved alarm fitting company will be subjected to regular audits against British and European standards for system design, installation, maintenance and monitoring. If you see the SSAIB logo, you know you’re connecting with an alarm fitting company you can trust.

What other reasons might businesses have to exclusively use SSAIB accredited alarm fitters and system though? The advantages run deeper than you might think.

Faster and easier insurance approval

In the vast majority of cases where security or fire alarms are installed for insurance purposes, the insurer will insist that a third party certified provider (such as one with SSAIB approval) is employed. In using an SSAIB accredited installer, you’re demonstrating to the insurance company that you’re taking safety and security seriously, and the insurance company will be able to approve your application quicker. It has a guarantee that certain criteria have been met.

Police response times are increased

The SSAIB is unique in that it satisfies criteria laid out by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and the Police Service of Scotland. If your company has an SSAIB approved system, it automatically qualifies you for a Unique Reference Number, more commonly referred to as a URN. This URN is designated to your security system so that if an alarm is triggered, the receiving operator can quote the number when reporting it to the police and you’ll be guaranteed a fast response.

The benefits of having third party accreditation

In any industry, getting accreditation from an independent third party always inspires confidence. If, as a business, you’re happy to open up your records to third party scrutiny, it demonstrates to insurers, customers and other interested parties that security and safety are high on your list of priorities and something that you handle with care.

Spire Security are proud to be accredited to the most stringent international standards as recognised by the SSAIB. We’re also Safecontractor approved to give our customers absolute peace of mind when it comes to the installation, monitoring and maintenance of their safety and security systems.

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