What Are The Key Components Of Intruder Alarm Systems

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What are the key components of intruder alarm systems? Intruder alarm systems are designed to monitor, detect and deter unauthorised entry to your property. This may seem obvious, [...]

Is Your Property Protected?

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Is your property protected? When it comes to running a business or owning a commercial property, security is one of the number one concerns. Often, commercial buildings are [...]

Counter terrorism in schools – What head teachers need to know about dynamic lockdown

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In early 2015, the ‘Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015’ became law. Under the new legislation, schools have a responsibility to actively participate in work that prevents their students [...]

The Security Challenges of HMOs (Houses With Multiple Occupants)

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Houses With Multiple Occupants (HMOs): Security challenges faced by landlords Houses with multiple occupants (HMOs) are becoming increasingly popular in today’s economic climate. A combination of rising house prices [...]

Business insurance: Why is it important for your security solution to be SSAIB approved?

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In the UK it’s technically legal for anyone to install an alarm system. However, if you choose an alarm system or installer that isn’t SSAIB approved, you may be [...]

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