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Which residential intercom system is right for your home?


For residential properties security is paramount. Whether you own an apartment block, run a retirement home for elderly residents, or simply have a large property to call home, feeling safe and secure is essential. A large part of that is usually down to a quality residential intercom system, but which one should you choose?

From an objective standpoint, it may seem like there’s not a lot to consider, but anyone who owns residential premises will be all too familiar with the questions and considerations that come with choosing the right intercom system. The most common system is probably an audio intercom with an electronic lock. A visitor can hit a button at the front door – akin to ringing a doorbell – which will trigger a phone call which the tenant can answer and then grant access. Video intercom systems are also popular on commercial premises but are increasingly used in communal residences where security is a chief concern (such as built up areas or areas with high crime rates).

Who typically uses an intercom system?

If you own an apartment block full of tenants or run any kind of residential home, you’ll know how important security is. For landlords, it’s one of the first questions prospective tenants will ask upon moving into a new apartment. For residential homes, it’s a query often made by family members when assessing the right place to look after their elderly relatives. For others, it’s simply a question of guarding their private land. If you own a rural property with gated access then an intercom system could save you a lot of time and make visitors to your property feel welcome and at ease. Simply buzzing an intercom to be able to speak to you and be let in is a lot less awkward than waiting outside and trying to call you to get the gate open.


Choosing an intercom system for your property

Which intercom system to opt for will depend largely on its application. If you’re simply looking for a solution for your small to medium sized home, you might consider a simple audio intercom system. When a visitor rings, you can check who it is before going to open the door, giving you peace of mind and preventing opportunist break-ins. If you have a slightly larger property, perhaps with a driveway and gate, then an audio intercom system with a remote controlled electronic lock might work best, allowing you to ‘buzz’ a guest in from the comfort of your living room. For communal residential areas, it can be a little different. Here, the responsibility for looking after the shared area is more divided so individuals are less likely to focus access points 100%.

Why do I need an intercom?

It’s very easy for someone to ‘sneak’ into a communal apartment block, as any other residents will naturally assume it’s a neighbour or a legitimate visitor like a friend or family member (maybe even a courier). For this kind of scenario, an audio intercom system with a remote electronic lock that’s controlled from each apartment is essential. That way, any access to the building comes from either a keyholder, or someone who’s been granted access by a resident. For an additional layer of security, a video intercom system can be included. This helps residents identify precisely who is requesting access, and even allows them to ask for identification before granting it (such as asking a council employee to show their ID or a policeman to show their badge). The same applies to residential homes for the elderly, as they can often be targeted by opportunist thieves. If you own residential property in an area with a high crime rate, it might even be worth considering CCTV instead of a video intercom. Video intercoms are excellent for capturing individual visitors, but they have a small field of vision and won’t pick up much else of what’s going on. A CCTV system along with an audio intercom system will allow you to control access, whilst also recording the front of your property in case any incidents occur.

What Next?

If you’re considering a new intercom system for your home or shared living space and would like a free, no-obligation assessment, contact Spire today. Spire are proud to be accredited to the most stringent international standards as recognised by the SSAIB. We’re also Safecontractor approved to give our customers absolute peace of mind when it comes to the installation, monitoring and maintenance of all video and audio intercom systems, as well as CCTV. All of our parts and services come with a market leading 3 year guarantee. So you can trust us to keep you secure.


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