Intercoms are an excellent way for businesses to safeguard their property, but what exactly are they and how do they work? When it comes to choosing the right intercom system for your business or commercial property, there may be more to consider than you initially realise.

Most people are familiar with a typical intercom audio system. You press a button outside the property and speak to somebody inside in order to be let in. Intercom systems are usually fitted with electronic locks so that access can be granted to a visitor or employee remotely.  What a lot of businesses don’t realise, is how useful an intercom system can be alongside CCTV, or even with video incorporated into the intercom system itself.
In order to choose the right intercom system for your business, it’s a good idea to review the location you work in and perhaps even speak to an expert or book a free assessment.

Which businesses might need an intercom system?

Most businesses who use intercom systems need to give remote access to visitors in order to save time and resources. If you have a remote gate restricting access to your premises, it’s far more cost effective to install an intercom system to ‘buzz’ people in than it is to hire a gatekeeper.  Many businesses in rural areas have premises like these that are difficult to monitor around the clock.

This problem isn’t exclusive to rural businesses, however.  In busy areas like London, office theft is more common that you might realise, with people wandering into office space and taking expensive equipment like tablets, phones and laptops. If you work in a busy, built-up area, with employees coming and going, an intercom system is an excellent way to control access and keep everything (and everyone) safe and secure.

What intercom system should you choose for your business?

The type of intercom system you install will largely depend on what kind of business you operate.  For example, if you run a city business in an area with high footfall, you may experience unwanted visitors from time to time. An intercom system with video as well as audio might help you control access more easily, allowing you to see who’s requesting access instead of relying solely on the sound of someone’s voice. If you have a lot of employees or expect a lot of visitors, sometimes it’s better to rely on sight than sound when it comes to granting access.

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience unsavoury visitors from time to time, or there are regular disturbances near the entrance to your place of work, it might be a good idea to install audio-only intercom alongside a CCTV camera. Video intercoms tend have a very small field of view, whereas a CCTV camera will pick up far more – ideal if you’re concerned about antisocial behaviour near your premises.

Once you’ve decided on audio or video (or both), and whether to include a CCTV system, it’s time to think about how to control access. This is done most commonly through an electronic lock, allowing you to press a button which will open the door or gate for a few seconds to grant access. Upon closing, the door will automatically lock again.

If a remote lock is overkill, you might simply decide to have an intercom system in place to ‘see who’s at the door’ before going to greet them yourself. This can help save a lot of time, allowing you to politely turn away unwanted visitors without disrupting your work.

What Next?

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