Hotel Fire Prevention

We offer a wide variety of fire prevention services specifically for hotels. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with all fire your requirements for compliance and the safety of the people in your hotel.

Our fire services for hotels include:

• Hotel fire/smoke alarm installation

• Hotel fire alarm test and annual checks

• Hotel fire risk assessment

• Hotel fire extinguishers

Hotel Security

Spire offer safety and security services for hotels, contact us today to discuss how we can help you keep your guest and staff safe.

Our security services for hotels include:

• Hotel CCTV installation

• Hotel bar CCTV installations

• Hotel CCTV upgrades to IP CCTV

• Hotel alarms installations

• Hotel RFID card management systems to control access to staff only areas

• Hotel RFID card lock

• Hotel room safe installation

Hotel Card Entry Systems

Spire offer a revolutionised way for you to operate your hotel doors, this system can be controlled from the reception desk by the check-in staff and also by an smart phone or tablet by a porter at the hotel room. This system can integrate with the rest of hotel to allow staff to access to areas that guests are not allowed. Speak to us today to see if our solution can help you break the mould.

• Family’s staying in sperate rooms? This system will allow you to provide access to any doors you wish to allow guests to have access to

• Have multiple hotels around the world? This system can allow staff to access to any hotel you choose

• Do you have returning guest? A card can be created with your logo, which the guest keeps, each time the guest comes to the hotel they can provide the card to aid their check-in. A database can be kept on the client to store information such as the newspaper they like to read, the way they like their coffee in the morning or the wake-up time they usually have