Your home provides shelter and security for your family. These are two of the most important aspects of family responsibility, and when you have a family you quickly begin to realise this. Your home also contains your most valuable material assets, the things you’ve worked hard to acquire, and the things you value enough to keep in your home. The protection and security of your family and your materials should be a top priority.

An intruder alarm system is a base point for many homes. The psychological impacts of an intruder within your family home can be devastating, taking a lot of time to recover for both adults and children, so an optimised intruder alarm system is well placed to give peace of mind to your family.

According to the Home Office, 84% of intruders avoid properties with an alarm system, so in just being present you and your family are more protected in having an alarm system installed.

Intruder alarm systems not only act as a deterrent but are responsive to intruders entering your property. Our monitoring team can effectively operate your alarm system, having police respond to intruders in the event a break-in happens.

Intruder alarm systems can be synchronised to CCTV systems, so visual monitoring is provided of intruders entering your property. This helps not only to monitor and protect family whilst an intruder is present within your property, but to also collect and record evidence for prosecution.


Spire Security are the experts with regard to security installations. As a matter of course, we will review your security requirements, your family home, and provide you with an optimised solution.

Our engineers are highly trained in all aspects of security installation management, following strict processes to ensure a high quality of build and longevity of installation.

We provide a 3-year guarantee on all parts and services provided, which means that we’ll be straight round in light of any issues. We’ll keep you and your family secure.

We have also developed STREAM – Spire’s Technical Remote Engineering And Maintenance – where we can remotely access your system to complete maintenance checks and fault repair without attending your property. We solve on average 70% of intruder alarm faults with our STREAM service.

Our SSAIB and Redcare approvals highlight our quality of installations, and are endorsed and compliant with your insurance requirements. We work in accordance with ACPO and BS EN standards enabling us to apply for police response to your installed system.

Our engineers are friendly and approachable, able to answer any questions you have with regard to your security installations to give you peace of mind knowing that your family and property are protected.

The first action required is to get in touch. Complete the form below and we’ll give you a call back to discuss your requirements further.


At Spire Security we tailor our intruder alarm installations to suit your individual requirements and in accordance with the required insurance coverage. To determine grade of intruder alarm system required we complete the following:

We complete a risk assessment of the building content, looking at the total value of target items.

We complete a risk assessment of the building’s fabric and structure; looking at ease of entry, weak points in the buildings structure, location, physical security and break-in history.

Spire Security install intruder alarm systems in commercial properties generally between Grade 2 & Grade 3 in accordance with SSAIB  and insurance recommendations. You can be assured that the installation we propose for your business will be cost effective and optimised for you.