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Fire break glass
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Fire alarm monitoring and maintenance

Spire can monitor and maintain almost any existing fire alarm system in London. We also monitor and maintain intruder alarms, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers, meaning you can have one company for your fire and security.

The cost of maintaining a fire alarm varies depending on the size of the fire alarm. Our pricing is based on how long it will take for us to maintain the system. A small to average size commercial premise can be maintained for around £25.00 +VAT per month which would be paid in full annually.

Fire alarm maintenance

Why? A fire alarm is a necessity in all commercial buildings and areas that the public have access. A fire risk assessment will determine what type of fire alarm is required. But any commercial fire alarm system that has been installed must be maintained as per the requirements for fire safety in the U.K.

Who? A competent person must maintain a fire alarm. This takes experience and expertise…we have plenty, with over 5 years of trading and over 15 years in the fire and security industry.

When? As a minimum we must maintain your fire alarm twice per year, some systems are large enough that we test the system four times per year, but we must test 100% of the fire alarm in a twelve month period, with a minimum of two visits in that year.

How? Well, as above this takes experience and training, (you cannot just Google this and say you are competent, tut tut on you if that is what you are trying to do). But as a brief overview of what will provide on our visit:

• Check the system for faults including any visual damage

• Check correct operation of the system using our specialised testing equipment

• Change the batteries if they are older than four years and if they are less than four years, we will carry out a ‘load test’ to ensure they work correctly

• Complete and check your Spire log book

• Provide you with a certificate. Our engineers have an specific mobile app for signing off our work and providing you with a certificate.

Fire alarm monitoring

Alongside our maintenance subscriptions, Spire can monitor and service your fire alarm system using Redcare or Dualcom.

We will not monitor a fire alarm that we are not maintaining, but we can maintain a fire without monitoring.

What is monitoring? Fire alarm monitoring is a way of alerting you, your keyholders and the fire brigade of a fire alarm activation.

When the fire activates or sets into fault, the Dualcom or Redcare makes a call to our dedicated monitoring station who are on hand 24/7. We setup how they handle your call here are some examples of how they would handle a fire alarm activation:

• Call your office number first, if no answer then they call your keyholders


• Call your keyholders if no answer call the fire brigade


• Call the office, call the keyholders and call the fire brigade

As you can see there are a few options that can happen when the fire alarm goes off. Fire alarm monitoring does not necessarily mean the fire brigade have to be called each time, in fact they would prefer the fire is confirmed by someone on the phone before they attend….they do not lie their time wasted as you can image, they are busy