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    Fire Alarm Installation Services

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Installation Services

Spire offer a full fire alarm service for your business. We provide BS5839 part 1 automatic fire alarm installations and risk assessment for the following categories

  • L1 (AFD) installed into all areas of a building.
  • L2 (AFD) installed into high risk / hazardous areas.
  • L3 (AFD) with smoke detection, installed on escape routes and rooms off the escape route.
  • L4 (AFD) installed within escape routes only.

All our installations come with 3 years guarantee on parts and servicing labour.


Installation Proccess

We make the process simple for you, we will work from drawings if you have them or we will come to your premises to carry out a survey, we can design the fire alarm for you , install your fire alarm and keep your system maintained.

A basic fire alarm installation would cover the exit routes from the business premises and then depending on the risk of the occupants or business processes carried out, we may need to install fire detection systems in other rooms or other high risk areas. Call points are also installed as per the BS5839 standard. Our engineers are fully registered, covered and accredited to install fire extinguishers and fire security systems.  WE have a number of existing clients that have had to wait days to get an installation or repair done to the fire security systems, after switching to us the number of days to wait was reduced to none.

We have a lot of people vising our website looking for answers on ‘how to install a fire alarm’ or ‘how to design a fire alarm’, but the truth is, it takes years of knowledge and training to know the current standards, if you find yourself asking these questions, maybe the questions should be ‘should I be installing or designing a fire alarm if I need to search for how-to-guides on the internet.

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Fire Alarm Services

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In order to meet with legislation we always recommend a fire risk assessment is carried out before we design the fire alarm.



Spire offer a full fire alarm service for your business. We provide BS5839 part 1 automatic fire alarm installations and risk assessment for the following categories.



We also monitor and maintain intruder alarms, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers, meaning you can have one company for your fire and security.



Our fire alarm services are designed to ensure that you will always be up to date with your fire alarm systems to reduce the risk of them not working in the event of a fire.


Fire Alarm Installation London

We provided high quality fire alarms installations for all types businesses in and around London, get in touch today and let us help. We supply the latest detection systems, including products such as on-site emergency lighting. We can make sure that your complete site will meet the legislation requirements and ensure you have information about any detection in your building.

Fire & Security Services

Servicing businesses with all their necessary Fire and Security needs and requirements.


Intruder Alarms

As a business, you cannot afford to be without the appropriate security system installed.


Fire Alarms

With a highly trained set of electrical engineers Spire are the experts in fire alarm installations service.



An intercom system for your business is a key requirement to stop uninvited personnel from accessing your property.


CCTV Systems

As a business, you cannot afford to be without the appropriate CCTV system installed.


Fire Extinguishers

We are specialists in fire safety, supplying and installing the correct fire extinguishers at your business premises to be compliant to regulations.



The key benefit to your business is the limitation of damage caused by an event, and ultimately providing protection for your business assets.


Access Control

Access control provides essential security to a commercial property.


Emergency Lighting

In the UK it is a legislation requirement that all occupied buildings have adequate escape lighting.



Do you have current fire and security systems installed in your warehouse?


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