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Installing your fire alarm service is the first step to ensuring that your building is protected in the case of a fire. However, no system is perfect and can always go wrong. This is amplified if you have your system for a long time without getting any servicing done. Everyone is going to be depending on the fire system in the event of a fire in the building to give them an early warning to evacuate the building. There is a legal obligation to make sure that everyone in your building gets fast alarms enabling them to have a fast and safe evacuation. We can keep the legal terms happy, by using our professional addressable engineers to do risk assessments on the safety conditions in place.

Spire security will make servicing your fire alarm system an effortless job that will protect you from the legal obligation for fire risk assessments surrounding fire alarm systems. Our specialist trained engineers will carry out your service ensuring that every obligation is met, giving you peace of mind that you have all the legal requirements installed and maintained within your building.

We take the safety of all of our clients very seriously. Our fire alarm services are designed to ensure that you will always be up to date with your fire alarm systems to reduce the risk of them not working in the event of a fire. We simplify the task of having to service your alarm systems by using our specialty fire alarm surveyors who know exactly what they are looking for and can tell you what needs to be done, if anything, within a very short amount of time. Working nationally, we have had a lot of experience with a lot of different fire alarm systems and can get your system serviced in a very short time. Using Spire Security for your fire alarms London will reduce any stress for you needing to meet legal requirements and reduce the pain of having a long inspection from somebody who isn’t familiar with the system or what they are looking for.

Fire alarms need to be present in every room in the building. When installing a fire system, is it common to have to on the ceiling, this is the perfect position for a fire alarm because any smoke that is produces will ascend up towards the alarm. Fire alarms are not the most important thing to have inside of every room, having a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher may provide better support for putting a fire out. However, in the case that the fire is not seen, having a smoke alarm in the room could give you the extra awareness time that it takes to get out safely. The building’s insurance is going to be a lot lower if you take the optimal safety measure and having smoke alarms reduces the risk of a mass fire by around 50%.
There a few different costs when it comes to installing a new fire alarm system for your business. Depending on the size of your business and the size of the building, you will have different costs for certain elements of your system. There are four main costs when it comes to incorporating a fire alarm system: the alarm equipment, monitoring packages, maintenance services and the amount of equipment you’re going to need. You can get different types of systems which come with different equipment. Depending on how advanced your equipment is, the price can heavily vary. The amount of the equipment that you are going to need can also vary depending on the size of your business and the size of the building. You will then also need a monitoring service to let you know if there is an alarm triggered at any point. There is also the maintenance cost of checking all of the elements of the fire alarm system are working correctly.
Technically, any electrician can install your fire alarm system. However, the regulations state that the person installing your fire alarms should be competent in fire alarm installation. You should always use an electrician that has had experience in fire system installations, as the risk of having an ill-working fire system is not worth the money you will save hiring an unqualified electrician. You should make sure your electrician provides their commissioning and testing certificate. It is also advised to use an electrician that is certified by a third-party.
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