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Emergency Lighting Installation

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Spire Security are experts when it comes to installing emergency lighting systems.  Although there is no legislation which states you must have your system professionally installed, it is important to understand that there are very strict rules and regulations which your system must adhere to.  If your system is not installed in the correct way to fit the regulations, you could find yourself facing unlimited fines or even a prison sentence – it is recommended that your system has a periodic check and site inspection to ensure that you report to the service requirements and the system can work as intended.

Emergency lighting systems are installed to act as a backup lighting in the event of a major power failure which prevents normal lighting from working.  If your emergency lighting is not installed correctly, you cannot be sure that your system will work properly in the event of an emergency or power failure.

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What Is Emergency Lighting Installation?

Here at Spire Security, we are fully accredited to design, install and maintain emergency lighting systems.  We work to plan your lighting system to work well for your building and can design a system which is most effective for your individual needs. We have highly trained engineers who can install all types of systems ranging from a simple communal area to a large warehouse. All systems would comply with a number of standards, including both BS5266 and BS7671:2008 information & requirements.

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