Is your property protected?

When it comes to running a business or owning a commercial property, security is one of the number one concerns.

Often, commercial buildings are designed to house staff, stock or both; all things which are extremely valuable to any business. Taking the right steps to keep intruders out and keep your premises safe is only natural, even if you’re fortunate enough to be working in an area with a low crime or incident rate.

These are some quick and simple checks you can do to ensure that your commercial property is nice and secure, leaving you free from worry and better able to focus on the task in hand – running your business.

We overview the important aspects to check with regard to inside, outside, and the perimeter of your property.

Is The Inside Of Your Property Secure?

When securing a property, you’d be forgiving for thinking that the front and back entrances were all you needed to worry about. After all, if the outer perimeter can’t be breached then the inside is safe, right?

In fact, you’d be surprised at the number of ways a dedicated and persistent thief can gain access to your property. The types of locks you use and where you place them can have a huge impact.

First, check your locks. Do they have the authentic kite mark? Are they British standard? Where were they manufactured? Remember, a lock is only as good as the door it’s protecting so it’s a good idea to make sure you have ‘solid’ doors as well as windows.

Speaking of windows, are these lockable? Do your staff have the ability to open/close them at will? If so it might be worth having a single set of keys and making it someone’s responsibility to lock up and close the windows at the end of a shift.

A good, modern alarm which has been risk-checked within the last 2 years is also a must for any commercial property. It should be monitored and maintained by an approved supplier, so that if a security breach does occur you have a good chance of limiting the damage or at least catching those responsible.

Last but by no means least, check your fire alarms. When business owners things about security their mind always goes to theft, but fire is a very real risk and not having working fire alarm that has been checked every 6 months can result in disaster.

Is The Outside Of Your Property Secure?

Once the inside of the building is properly secured, it’s time to start thinking about the outside. This includes things like access control and CCTV, and can make all the difference when it comes to deterring thieves and other unwanted visitors.

First of all, consider access. Who has the keys to your premises? If there’s a spare key, where is it kept? It might be worth looking at an intercom system if you have staff on-site – that way, access can be tightly controlled by a team that you trust and nobody can accidentally ‘leave the door open’ for undesirables.

You make an intercom system even safer with the addition of CCTV. Not only will this give you an added layer of security, it’ll mean your on-site staff can see who is requesting access and perhaps even grant them entry remotely. CCTV systems can also be strategically installed to give you the best possible overview of your premises at any given time, meaning that if there are any incidents there’s a very good chance you’ll catch the perpetrators on camera.

Remember, a CCTV system should be reviewed at least once every 2 years by an approved supplier.

Is The Perimeter Of Your Property Secure?

The last step is to check the perimeter – the area that separates your premises from the land around it. If you consider your commercial property highly valuable and want maximum security, a gated fence is the best option.

You can rig up remote access control and CCTV to grant entry to vehicles. This has the added benefit of protecting your land from squatters or travellers who have been known to occupy car parks in remote, open areas.

You should make sure your CCTV cameras are strategically placed around the perimeter of your property – particularly in ‘weak link’ areas where the fencing is perhaps low or irregular due to environmental constraints.

What next?

Spire Security are proud to be accredited to the most stringent international standards as recognised by the SSAIB. We have designed solutions that meet the requirements of the dynamic lockdown policy introduced by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office in 2015.

We’re also Safecontractor approved to give our customers absolute peace of mind when it comes to the installation, monitoring and maintenance of all controlled access and CCTV systems.

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