Warehouses contribute 20% to the total recorded crime statistics in the UK, and therefore security is now the main concern for those managing these value filled assets.

Warehouse security is complex. Not only are there external and internal security considerations to make, but we also need to be secure against the many people that interact and engage with our business on a daily basis. This includes our own employees. It can be easy to fall victim to our own employees circumventing the security we put in place.

And of course, we need to protect against fire. As quickly as it starts, a fire can rapidly spread throughout these huge operations and write many millions off in damages.

Let us consider some of the warehouse security best practice that you can use for your property.

Warehouse CCTV

CCTV is both an external and internal security device that should be adopted by all warehouses. It is an effective deterrent to both those looking to unlawfully enter your premises and those working internally who have access to your goods. CCTV provides good coverage for perimeter protection.

Warehouse Alarms

Alarm systems can now combine multiple systems to give you maximum control. If there is an intruder event, a fire emergency, or an environmental emergency, an effective alarm will enable you to respond quickly and appropriately. A regularly tested system gives that added peace of mind that your alarms are fit for purpose.

Access Control

Be in control of who does and who does not enter your property with an access control system. Electronic access control systems now provide secure access in to and out of your property and can be integrated with a number of other security installations inc. CCTV, for maximum effectiveness. Make sure to lock any outlying, non-emergency doors with a padlock to increase deterrence.

Security Planning

As much as security devices can act as a major deterrent, we would always suggest planning an communication as a key weapon against security breaches. Having a plan with regard to warehouse ops and emergency response, being visible, and enabling a culture of communication can help to dramatically reduce security risk.

Glassbreak Protection

A device used in ground-level windows, glass break detection monitors noise and vibrations to pick up signs of breakage. In the event a window is broken as a means to enter your property, the glassbreak system will trigger the intruder alarm and notify your central monitoring system immediately.

Remote Notification & Keyholding

Security systems can now be linked remotely to your personal technology so you can keep track of, and be notified instantly of any security breach at your property. In addition, by working with a keyholding security partner, your security team can be instantly on the ground to deter intruders or to reinforce security measures in place.